Horrible and funny facts from the book Difficult Bowel

We’re sure that talking about a wet chair or the right posture for urinating can make your ears feel awkward and swollen. But the German writer and scientist Julia built such things without rebellion, with humor and infinite love of the gut. After reading the book, you will not stop treating the first participant as a distraction and a soft feeling, because he does so much for us!

Kitchenmag collected 11 interesting facts from the most popular non-Fikhn book in Continental Europe “intestine”.

The Bacteria in the Gut


Weigh about two kilograms Therefore, no problem is not the best “how much do you spend?” You can call the figure for the house “minus”.

The belly of the urchits is not because of Italy Phone Number hunger, but because the intestines are clean and bring order to the “house”, such as cleaning every hour with ice. If you are currently blowing a sack, the cleaning will stop. If you avoid sweets, you will be exhausted from them, and the bacteria in the intestines will taste the taste and will not stop the dust with you.

Washing dishes with


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Smoke and a sponge – as if someone is throwing out his tongue. A sponge for washing is 200 nights of high-quality clothing, for example, the toilet bowl.

Horrible and funny facts from the book
After an hour of intensive training in the subcutaneous fat cells (on the abdomen, hips, legs) begins to burn fat.

“When you feel lonely, remember that there are some bacteria that don’t work. You just love yourself.”

Olive oil can inhibit the activity of energy that is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into fat molecules. The rural toilet is more beneficial for the health of the tract, than the toilet in the house. It is useful to extract, which has raised experiments. In a squatting position, nothing prevents the release of bowel contents. But if you don’t have a “wood tree”, because more “slip slip” replaces a small storm under the foot, block or shoe box.


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