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Growth path I divide it into Contact – enlightenment – growth – hope to develop into four stages of life-long career.In fact, my earliest contact with operations was still as a designer, and I joined a small start-up company. At that time, in my perception, the operation was  writing Mexico Phone Number articles, doing content and occasionally two activities.

I didn’t feel at all about the position of operation, but at that time I felt that the position of product was more suitable for me. This is my first contact and my first impression of running this position.

The company actually tends to be a marketing-oriented, market- and result-driven company. In fact, the real precipitation and rapid growth of learning are all in this company.

The purpose of merchants was to obtain customer leads

Initially I started to understand what is promotion? It turns out that paid promotion can still play like this?

At this time, I discovered that many of the usual orders were originally advertisements, and the purpose of merchants was to obtain customer leads, Mexico Phone Number transaction conversions.

I began to understand the basic logic and optimization skills of SEO.Slowly, I found that the director and the new media  friends can also get user clues through posting. At this time, I realized that the new media can play like this.

Search Engine Optimization

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

Many small partners who have just entered the workplace must often have doubts about the word “operation”. I think that operation is actually very simple. Operation is to serve products. It is to use limited resources and use operation methods to maximize the value of products. change.

With the development of the Internet, various operations have been gradually derived, but you will find that operations have always revolved around two things, one is the user and the other is the product.

No operation can avoid these two

Everyone has their own learning methods and channels, and I am no exception. But know that learning this kind of thing must be gradual.I have always thought that I am not a smart person, but sometimes I feel that I am a person who knows how to “focus on the key points”. This is particularly important. This is also the knowledge structure and analysis method I want to talk about.


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