How All Your WordPress Posts Can Be Displayed on One Page

Want to know how to display all your WordPress posts on one page? Many websites display one message at a time. This is the classic approach and it has a major drawback. Visitors should find another article on your website and click on it. You might be thinking, well yes, but what’s wrong?

It’s extremely  Albania B2B List common for a visitor to read a post and leave. In fact, visitors are more likely to spend 15 seconds on the page looking for a particular piece of information and then leave. Having all your posts on one page makes it less likely for the visitor to leave because they only have to click on one of them. Today I’m going to show you how to display all your articles on one page using two methods.

Why Display All Your WordPress Posts on One Page

Typically, you’ll only set your newest and most popular content to appear on the pages. This will ensure that your newest content grabs attention while keeping popular content in the spotlight. Of course, if you’re an older website, you probably have a lot of content that isn’t in the spotlight. Most visitors will only be able to find this content through a search engine or through the website’s archive page.

Instead of relying on search engine results and your archive page, why not create a page with each post? This will help visitors find any item on your website in one place. If you have a lot of content and I mean a lot of content, it could result in a very overwhelming page. In this case, you may want to skip all posts and choose to show more popular or well-received posts. Many visitors see a lot of content and are overwhelmed, which is why loaded pages are not a good practice.

How All Your WordPress Posts Can Be Displayed on One Page

Today I’m going to show you how to display all your articles on one page using two methods. Displaying all your articles on one page is very simple and there are several ways to do it. I will review two of these methods. The first is to use the Display Posts Shortcode plugin. It has over 100,000 active installs and, as the name suggests, displays all your posts through a simple shortcode.

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The second method will not involve any additional plugins but will use the page template code. If you are not comfortable with coding, I recommend using the first method. That being said, even if you’re comfortable with editing code or inserting a snippet, that’s on a different level. Before you start, I recommend that you create a backup of your website. This will ensure that if a mistake is made, you can simply revert to the version your site had before the code was added.

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