How to Add a Business Website Directory to WordPress

A business directory in WordPress can do wonders for the right website. Not only will they give you something more to do on the site, but they can also improve traffic as well as visitor engagement. Luckily, Yemen B2B List adding a website directory to WordPress isn’t difficult.

In this tutorial, I go over a few methods for creating an online directory using WordPress plugins. Instead of manually creating tables and organizing links on a page, these tools help you build a list quickly and easily. You will need to install plugins to benefit from these tools. It is a simple process that requires a few mouse clicks.

How to Create a Business Directory in WordPress

The Manage Form Fields option gives you access to the elements that the submission form uses in the plugin. For example, you can edit the “Company name” field and change the option to be required or not. You can also add fields if you want to collect more information from those who want to list their site or business in your online directory.

In the new list box, you will see it looks like a standard WordPress post or page. You can enter ad information here. However, scroll down until you see “Directory Listing Fields/Images”. This is where most of the trading information will go for the plugin to work.

Configure the Directory Page

After entering business information and perhaps a short blurb in the text editor, simply click “Publish” as you would any WordPress post or page.

This plugin is packed with tools and functions, and you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with each one. For example, you can configure directories with specific tags and categories if you want to fine-tune the organization of businesses..

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Connections Business Directory is another outstanding and highly rated plugin. It also contains a multitude of options for creating a directory in WordPress. It also has several extension plugins that you can add at a later date, such as business hours, local time, and login.

Shortcodes are elements of WordPress and various plugins that tell the system to perform certain actions. In this case, the shortcode instructs the website to display the corporate directory layout.



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