How to prevent WordPress from being indexed by search engines

earch engines are the source of most traffic to a website on the Internet. However, there may be times when you don’t want sites China WhatsApp Number List like Google to crawl your content. In these cases, you may want to prevent WordPress from being indexed in search results.

After all, not everything you create online needs to gain traffic immediately.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to prevent search engines from indexing a site built with WordPress.

Why would you want to prevent WordPress from being indexed?

Although most websites thrive on driving traffic from search results, there are a few reasons why you might want to avoid this. In reality, not everything on the Internet needs to appear in Google.

In some cases, you would want to discourage search engines from indexing the site. This would help keep the content away from the general public.

If you’re not too worried about people seeing the general layout of the site but want to keep posts and pages secure, you can always password protect them. You can also edit the content privately if you wish.

It is a built-in feature of WordPress and is easy to configure. This is part of the publishing feature for posts and pages, actually.

Make Your Posts and Pages Private in WordPress

Creating a completely private blog is not that difficult in WordPress. With the right combinations of strong plugins and settings tweaks, you can easily lock down the site.

This includes things like creating custom login URLs, excluding certain parts of the site, redirecting the landing page, and more.

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You can also configure the site to govern user registration, making it easy for others to join. This is ideal for family, personal, and business intranet sites.

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