How to Add a Gallery Carousel in WordPress

Images are one of the most effective ways to engage an audience on the internet. Graphics play such an important role online that services like Snapchat and Instagram are able to thrive. How about adding a gallery carousel to your WordPress site?

A gallery is great for showing off products, services, or your own artwork. They are instrumental in many online portfolios, Thailand B2B List especially for graphic designers.

In this tutorial, I will show how to add a simple carousel to WordPress that can have a big impact on your guests. All it takes is the right plugin to boost the functionality of your content.

How to Create an Image Gallery Carousel in WordPress

By default, WordPress comes with a simple and basic gallery. However, it doesn’t have a whole lot of pizzazz and flair that you might want to put into your posts and pages. For this, I will use WordPress Carousel.

This plugin comes with a modern design for websites, multiple methods for showing images, and most importantly, it is fully responsive. What I like is the multitude of tools that come with it.

If you’re happy with the look, congratulations, you’re done. If not, you can go back to settings and start tweaking them to make it perfect. It’s easier with the used carousel because you can check how it looks once you save the changes.

Remember that you can create multiple carousels for different content, so take advantage of that.

Galleries Galore Category

This is just one example of a great plugin. There are a ton of great carousel and image gallery plugins available in WordPress. In fact, this might be the most numerous category of plugins. That said, WordPress Carousel is among the best.

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It’s simple to use, full of customizable options, and fully responsive.

What type of gallery plugin do you use on your website? Did you find the plugin easy to use?

Typography settings deal with the presentation of fonts on the carousel. This includes font type, size, alignment, and color. It’s quite simple, but there is one problem, the settings are only for the Pro version. Remember to save any changes you make.

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