How to Add a Mortgage Calculator to a WordPress Website

A mortgage calculator is a handy tool for certain types of websites. Real estate and mortgage company websites Lithuania WhatsApp Number List can benefit from providing visitors with a mortgage calculator. Sites related to personal finance or debt may also offer a calculator as part of their content.

A calculator increases visitor engagement and retention. Any type of interactive site content can do this. Keeping visitors on the site and giving them a reason to come back is the best way to grow your website.

Why add a mortgage calculator?

First, mortgage calculators give your visitors estimated mortgage payments. This type of information allows your visitors to quickly calculate the costs related to real estate.

Another reason to add one is that it has the potential to boost you or the brand as an expert. The more you can offer to the target visitor, the more your reputation increases. As a result, he or she can come back for more information.

You can build a calculator yourself if you like writing custom code. If you’re not a coder, or just want to get some quick work done, a WordPress plugin will do. This, above all, will make the job much easier.

In this tutorial, I will show you an easy way to add a mortgage calculator to any WordPress hosted website.

How to Add a WordPress Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator plugin is a WordPress calculator widget specializing in mortgages. The plugin adds a customizable widget to your website to display the calculator in your sidebar or footer. It is simple to install and configure, which makes it excellent for beginners.

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As a result, you can have a working calculator in minutes. Let’s start by logging into your WordPress admin panel.

The mortgage calculator we installed is very simple, which is ideal for most applications. But if you want something with more display or configuration options, check out these alternatives.

Although most have similar capabilities, it’s a matter of finding a tool that meets your needs. And WordPress is full of valuable tools in the form of plugins.

If you use shortcodes to display the calculator, these “coding” lines will show up in the content if you remove the plugin. As a result, the content may look poor and confusing.

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