How to Add a Watermark to Images in WordPress

Unfortunately, Chile WhatsApp Number the internet isn’t the nicest place in the world, and content mining is one of the most common things. So, to guard against this, you can add an image watermark in WordPress.

A watermark is simply an image, text, or link placed over the image or photo. For example, if someone took one of our photos, everyone who saw it would know where it came from. Today I will show you how to add an image watermark in WordPress.

Why Use Watermarks in WordPress

Watermarks are used to protect your content from thieves. A good analogy to use here is that it’s like putting a permanent post-it on your images. No matter where it goes, everyone will see that sticky note with your website name on it.

Watermarks usually consist of either the company logo or the website URL. For example, if you see an image with the GreenGeeks logo watermarked on another website, that should make it clear that it doesn’t belong there.

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If that website had permission to use the image, then an image without a watermark would likely be there or they would have their own website’s watermark on the image.

Keep in mind that watermarks aren’t new, and many thieves have learned how to get around them. For example, the most popular is to put their own watermark on the correct watermark. In most cases, it’s obvious, but visitors aren’t exactly looking for the stolen content.

How to Add an Image Watermark in WordPress

The internet is the best place in the world to share your content with other people, but unfortunately, there is a very high chance that the content you create will be stolen, misused, or turned into a meme. It can certainly harm a brand’s image if associated with certain topics.

Adding a watermark won’t stop it, but it will make it easy to identify when images belonging to your website are being misused. Just adding a watermark will deter some websites from scalping your content, but don’t expect that to solve the problem entirely.

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