How to Add Any Link in WordPress

Want to add a link to your WordPress site? Links are hugely important in WordPress and there is no shortage of ways to add them. This tutorial will include adding links in posts, pages, text widgets, navigation menus, NoFollow links, Nepal B2B List link buttons, title links, external links, affiliate links and link maps.

Many of these methods are extremely simple and quick and this tutorial will describe them all. This is a great beginner’s guide to links in WordPress, but some of these methods may require other features to be in place. For example, if you want to add a link to your navigation menu, you will first need to create a navigation menu. Today I’m going to show you how to add links using various methods.

Why Links Matter in WordPress

Links allow you to connect content on your website with other content. It can be an internal link or an external link. Internal linking connects one element of your content to another element of your content. External link is a link from your content to content on another website. Both internal and external links are important for running a website.

Internal linking keeps visitors on your website by taking them to other pieces of content related to what they were reading. External links help you provide other sources of information that support what you say. There are also affiliate links that greatly benefit your website. These are links that lead directly to your sponsors, who usually give your visitors great deals they can’t find anywhere else.

Adding Links to Posts and Pages

Today I’m going to show you how to add links using various methods. Keep in mind that some of these methods require you to configure other things, such as the example navigation menu. There are many methods that include plugins, but I’ll try to avoid using plugins whenever possible.

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This is by far the most common way to add links to your website. Go to any post or page on your website. The visual editor comes with an Insert Link button that you can use, which is represented by a paperclip symbol. Highlight the text you want to become a link to and click the “Insert Link” button.

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