How to Add Custom Post Types to WordPress Navigation Menus

Did you know that WordPress navigation menus can be fully customized? There are several ways to customize a WordPress menu. You can add icons, styles, different fonts and colors and much more. However, Philippines WhatsApp Number List what if you want to add custom post types to WordPress menus?

Creating a custom navigation menu in WordPress is a great way to drive user traffic to particular posts. However, I want to take it a step further and in this article show you how to add custom post types to WordPress navigation menus.

What are custom post types?

Custom post types are basically different post types that you can create in WordPress. By default, WordPress hosts many different types of content. These are basically called “message types”.

A single item is called a “post”. That being said, it’s also the name of a standard post type called “messages.”

By default, your WordPress installation comes with a few different post types. These are all stored in the database under the wp_posts table .

If you are unsure of the default post types included in a WordPress installation, here is a list for you. These message types are all available unless they have been deleted.

Why Add a Custom Post Type to WordPress Navigation Menus

WordPress navigation menus are an important part of the site structure. They allow you to customize and create a navigation structure that site users can see and follow. Using custom post types in a WordPress menu will allow you to direct site users to the most important content on your website.

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There are many ways to create and use WordPress navigation menus. Menu placement, structure, and custom functionality all play a part in the overall user experience.

Often website owners add category pages and links to their WordPress navigation menus. You will see this most often. There are also many cases where you will visit a website and see all sorts of custom elements built around the WordPress menu.

Let’s dive deeper and see how to add custom post types to your WordPress navigation menus.

In fact, you don’t need any plugins or code to add custom post types to menus. The ability to do this is already built into your WordPress installation. It’s just a matter of understanding the steps and the process.

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