How to Add Emoticons to WordPress

One of the things that makes most social media sites so compelling is reader feedback. What if you could add emojis to WordPress to let your visitors react to posts and comments? Now you can. And you can set it up in minutes without editing a file or writing a line of code.

Your visitors are used to Canada WhatsApp Number being able to react to what they see or read with a click. Like, love, laugh, scowl – pretty much any reaction people might have to something can be done with an emoji. Visitors appreciate the ability to react and respond. It brings them back. And seeing those reactions to what we’ve posted, especially the “likes,” makes us feel good.

What Are Emojis?

Emojis are small images used to express emotions in online or mobile communications. They are an extension of early Internet emoticons, face-like representations usually made up of a few punctuation marks. The use of punctuation to represent a face dates back to the 1880s. But it took 100 years to apply it to computer communication.

How to Add Emojis to Your WordPress Website

You can, of course, cut and paste emojis into your WordPress posts and pages (more on that later). It’s a quick and easy way to incorporate emojis into your content. But how do you give visitors the option to react to posts or comments with emojis? I will show you how to do it using Remoji Post/Comment Reaction and Enhancement plugin.

There is no doubt that emojis are popular when it comes to texting and social media. But they should probably be used sparingly in written content like your blog posts or WordPress pages.

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If you run a casual or irreverent business website or a site aimed at young customers, emojis can come in handy. But you wouldn’t want to see them in a New York Times article .

You may not be from The New York Times (yet!) , but if your readers don’t expect emojis, don’t use them.

But for what it does, it’s a pretty cool plugin. One thing I would like to see is a limiting feature. Currently, a single visitor can add up to 12 emojis to a page or post. This probably won’t be a problem for most of us, but it does seem a bit excessive.

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