How to Add JavaScript and CSS to WordPress

Of course, while minimal, installing lots of plugins will eventually have a negative effect on your site’s performance and speed. A slower site can be very annoying for your visitors and speed is one of the many SEO factors that determine your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

Are JaveScript and CSS in WordPress Necessary

It’s entirely possible to create a website that works great without ever writing a single line of code. In fact, it’s one of the reasons the WordPress platform thrives. Anyone can build a website without having any coding experience.

Now, Denmark WhatsApp Number just because you can build a website without writing code doesn’t mean you should. You can optimize your website by writing code that performs common plugin tasks. This can improve your website’s performance and ensure that your website provides a better experience for your visitors.

However, doing these things requires additional knowledge about the specific coding language being used.

Common mistakes to watch out for

Now, if you don’t know the code, it’s very likely that you could make a mistake, but most of these errors are very easy to fix.

One of the biggest issues for coders new to WordPress is code placement. There are a lot of files in the wp-content folder, and it’s very easy to click on the wrong one and put some code there.

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Problems can range from nothing major to your website not working, which is why it is highly recommended to create a backup of your website before inserting any additional code.

Another issue to watch out for is your website slowing down.

One of the most common issues that slows down a website is using jQuery. Although this type of coding is necessary for many plugins to work properly, it causes problems by calling a JavaScript library more often than it needs to.

This is often caused by inexperienced coders typing in redundant code. Perhaps one of the best ways to test for duplicate JavaScript code is to use tools like Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test or Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insight. Either will show you which JavaScript is causing your web pages to slow down.

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