How to Add One-Click Google Login to Your WordPress Website

Have you thought about adding Google’s one-click login to your WordPress website? Giving your Jordan WhatsApp Number List site users the option to log in using their Gmail account will save them time because they won’t have to remember a complicated WordPress password.You give your site users a quick and easy way to log in using a one-click method and using their social profiles.

Getting the Right Information for Google Developers

You also allow potential and future users of the site to register quickly and easily by using the Google login function on the WordPress website. The process is safe, fast, secure and easy to set up.

In this article, I will show you how to quickly and easily add a one-click WordPress login to your website. Let’s dive in and see everything it will take to install and configure this process on your WordPress website.

To kick off this process, we’re going to use an app called Google Apps Login. It will be the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish what we want to do today. Let’s take a quick look at the app, then we’ll install it and do the setup together.

Added Google one-click sign-in

Google Apps Login will give you the ability to authorize existing WordPress user accounts to login to your website using Google to securely authenticate their account. What this basically allows is this.

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As we know, Google and WordPress take security seriously. The Google Apps Login plugin uses the latest OAuth2 secure authentication recommended by Google. this includes 2-factor authentication if enabled for your G Suite (formerly Google Apps) accounts.

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