How to Add Pinterest Analytics in WordPress

Love using Pinterest on your WordPress site? If so, you should consider tracking all of your stats using Pinterest analytics.  To use Pinterest Analytics, you must first have your website verified by Pinterest. Pinterest is Austria WhatsApp Number one of the biggest social media platforms. Today I’m going to show you how to add Pinterest analytics by verifying your WordPress website on Pinterest.

Why add Pinterest Analytics to WordPress?

Social media is essential for growth in today’s world. Almost all people and businesses use social media to share their activities with the world. Many websites have marketing teams dedicated to specific platforms and the more platforms you use, the better your website’s chances of success.

Facebook alone has over 2.5 billion users worldwide and there are many other platforms to choose from. The larger the audience pool, the better the chances of your content being noticed by the masses.

This is why many users will add Pinterest share buttons to WordPress, which often includes most other platforms as well.

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Images, in particular, have proven to be the most engaging form of communication with followers. This is where Pinterest analytics comes in. This tool will show you the performance of each photo you pin on Pinterest, including stats like pins, repins, repins, and more. We’ll be using a simple plugin that allows us to easily add the code we need to track Pinterest analytics. Let’s take a look at the plugin together, then we’ll go through the process of adding Pinterest Analytics to WordPress together.

Insert headers and footers

Insert Headers and Footers is a simple to use plugin that allows you to easily add relevant code to the header and footer areas of your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can insert code like Google Analytics, Custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, and even Pinterest Analytics into the header and footer of the WordPress site. There is no need to modify your theme files if you install this plugin.

As stated above, the plugin is simple, lightweight, and easy to use. Once installed, it offers you an area to easily add all kinds of relevant codes to site headers and footers. Inserting headers and footers lets you add all the scripts you want in one place, instead of trying to manage several different plugins at once.

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