How to Add Multiple Page Themes in WordPress

When building a site with WordPress, you don’t have to settle for a specific theme. You can use plugins to change the appearance of specific pages for your visitors. Although your home page has a single layout,  Kazakhstan B2B List you can have a landing page with a completely different look. This is done using multiple themes in WordPress.

Why would you want to change the look of a page? Perhaps you want to accentuate its content compared to the rest of the site. Maybe you are creating a special landing page for social media links. There are several reasons why you would want to change the appearance of certain parts of your site.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily add multiple page themes in WordPress. This is done using the aptly named plugin, “Multiple Themes”. Several themes have many features that take editing layouts to a whole new level. For example, you can configure the tool to re-theme URLs containing specific keywords.

Using Multiple Themes

Several themes come with the ability to analyze your site and provide details regarding some of its operations. This is great if you need to troubleshoot the plugin if something isn’t working.

This screen provides details about the plugin, the version of WordPress you are using, details about your main theme, and the server software running. It will also show file permissions in case you need to make sure the tool has read and write capabilities.

It’s kind of handy to have this information available to you. For example, I can look here and see that I’m using PHP version 7.1.15 at the moment. Even the hostname is available in case you need it.

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Of course, all this information is confidential and you should not share this data with anyone.

The help screen contains some information if you need additional help. It’s not as comprehensive as the other parts of the site, but it does have some suggestions if you’re having trouble. For example, it mentions how you can use a multisite network as opposed to multiple themes on your website.

Alternatives to Using Multiple Themes in WordPress

If you want to spend some time really customizing the look of certain pages and posts, you can always use the Elementor plugin. This tool has a wide range of capabilities and features to allow you to customize almost every aspect of content. It comes with several pre-made templates which you can modify or create your own.

Some may find using Elementor easier and more accurate for adding multiple themes to WordPress. Not to mention, this is also a currently developed plugin, which means you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues like you would with something that’s outdated.

Another option that you may find useful is SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. It’s a bit like Elementor in style and layout. It also contains pre-made templates and allows you to use widgets normally for the sidebar directly in the post or page.


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