How to Allow Users to Delete Their WordPress Accounts

Do you want to give your users the ability to delete their own accounts? It’s very common to give visitors the option to register an account or membership on your WordPress website, but it’s usually the responsibility of the web developer to delete accounts upon request.

Another option is to give visitors the option to delete their own account.

This option has advantages, Hungary B2B List but it also has some disadvantages associated with it. That’s why you don’t see the option to delete an account on every website. WordPress user accounts contain important information such as email addresses and user-created content.

Today I’m going to show how to give your users the ability to delete their WordPress accounts using the Delete Me plugin.

Why Allow Users to Delete Their Account

There are many reasons why someone would want to delete their WordPress user account.

This can include receiving email spam, dispute in comment section, disagreeing with content creators opinion, not liking their current username and many other reasons, but it is not in the power of the visitor to delete the account.

To do this, the visitor must contact the web developer to have his account terminated. This ends up being more work for the web developer. Giving the option is a great way to make sure it’s not your responsibility to delete their information.

On the other hand, it might not be the best thing to give a visitor the option to delete the account.

Visitors can be very erratic and may delete their accounts on a whim for any reason. They will then try to contact you to somehow restore their account. It’s also one less subscriber in your email subscription list.

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This can hurt your email marketing campaign because it’s very difficult to get people to sign up in the first place. Having an individual’s email is very valuable to a web developer and giving the visitor the option to opt out is not a popular choice.

Thus, many websites do not offer this option to visitors.

How to Allow Deletion of User Accounts in WordPress

The Delete Me plugin allows users with a specific user role to delete their own account.  Since we want to give users the ability to delete their account, this usually means the subscriber role, where the majority of registered users reside. Upon account deletion, all user content will also be deleted and placed in the trash.

As you can imagine, this can be a problem if the wrong user role is deleted, such as an author. So be very careful when granting this option.

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