How to Allow Any Author to Make Revisions in WordPress

Allowing authors to review published WordPress posts can help improve post quality over time. Over time, Cyprus WhatsApp Number List authors can come and go, so it’s crucial that you have a system in place that allows any author to make post revisions in WordPress. You don’t always want to be the one as the site admin to edit every post revision needed.

This is especially true if you have authors you trust. Allowing any author to make post revisions in WordPress not only saves time, but also gives your authors the confidence they need to do things right.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can allow any author to make revisions in WordPress.

User roles and permissions

User roles and permissions in WordPress are defined to allow specific content management. Each user role allows different permissions.

The Revision Manager TMC plugin makes it easy for your authors to create post revisions in WordPress. It does this by allowing your editors to create clones of posts and replace them with the click of a button.

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The plugin gives you and other authors a simple yet powerful way to make these revisions. The plugin is extremely powerful, yet lightweight. It will not bloat your website or slow it down in any way.

How to Allow Authors to Make Post Revisions in WordPress

The first thing you need to do to accomplish this is to install and activate the Revision Manager TMC plugin. You can do this quite easily by going to the Plugins page in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Simply use the available search field to search for the plugin by its name. When it appears, install it and activate it directly from there.

Post revisions are a cool feature of WordPress that allows you to go back to previous versions of a post or page and use that version, make changes or update content accordingly. Remember that in WordPress, posts and pages are automatically saved every 60 seconds.

When this happens, the older version of the post or page you are working on is replaced with the latest saved revision. There is basically an “auto-save” feature that WordPress has that keeps all content fresh and up-to-date in case anything goes wrong.





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