How to Allow Contributors to Edit Their Posts in WordPress

Looking for a way to let your contributors edit their posts in WordPress? Contributor is a user role that has permission to add or contribute content to your website. However, the default role settings will not allow your contributors to edit their content after it has been approved.

There are many reasons why contributors may need to edit their content after it has been approved. This can be due to typos, South Korea WhatsApp Number List strong/offensive language, misinformation, and many other reasons. Today I will show you how to allow contributors to edit their posts in WordPress with two methods.

Why let contributors edit their contributions

The idea behind a contributor is really easy to understand. You run a WordPress blog and want to allow your users to submit content to the community. A user with the contributor user role can do just that. Once they submit it, an Admin or Editor user role must approve it. Once approved, that contributor loses the ability to edit the work they have done. This means that only administrator and editor accounts can solve it, which can lead to problems.

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For example, the most common reason to edit a page is to fix a typo. You may have a system in place for contributors to contact staff to make corrections for them, but that takes time. In fact, if you have multiple contributors, change requests could overwhelm your staff. It makes perfect sense that if you approve contributors’ work, you also allow them to correct it.

Why prevent a contributor from editing their work

You’re probably wondering the thought process behind preventing a contributor from editing their content. The answer is actually very simple, if they can edit their work, they can say whatever they want without approval. It can actually be quite disastrous for some websites if contributors say very strange things. So the idea of ​​preventing anything negative from going unapproved. There is also another very big reason, search engine optimization.

SEO is extremely important for a website and just because a contributor can write wonderful content does not mean that they will follow your website’s SEO rules while doing so. For example, suppose they want to add a simple link to another website. It sounds harmless, but they could be advertising your competition or they could be adding a link that doesn’t follow how the rest of the links on your website work. Many things can go wrong and it is important to consider these possibilities.

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