How to Auto Tag WordPress Posts

Building a tag system on your WordPress site takes time. You need to create them and then manually apply them properly to each post. What if I told you that you could auto-tag posts in WordPress with the right plugin?

You see, Turkmenistan B2B List categories aren’t the only thing you need to layout correctly when creating a good content structure. Although tags in WordPress don’t really have an impact on SEO, they can be very valuable to your site’s users. This is because they are another way for users to search your website for the content they want.

What is a Word Press Tag?

A WordPress tag is a tool provided in the WordPress backend that you can apply to posts and use to categorize them in a way that makes it easier for site users to find the specific content that interests them.

Each post on your site can have multiple tags. These are clickable links, so users can click on any tag they want to find content similar to what they are reading or viewing.

It’s free to add tags to your posts, as it’s built into WordPress by default. That being said, tags are not based on any sort of hierarchy or structure, and you can post articles without any tags.

Often, tags can take a long time in WordPress. This is especially true if you have a large content-focused site and you try to categorize and tag each post with multiple tags.

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Categories are different from tags and should be treated as such. Today I’m going to show you how to automatically tag posts on the fly using a plugin.

Not only does this make the process of tagging posts easier, but it also saves a lot of time. Let’s take a look at the plugin in question and see what it offers.

How to Auto Tag Posts in WordPress

TaxoPress is a smooth, clean, and fast WordPress markup plugin that lets you easily manage tags, categories, and even taxonomy terms. In this case, we are going to focus on the auto tag part of the plugin.

This plugin allows you to easily add the best automatic tags available on your site. With TaxoPress, you can create tags and taxonomies. Once they’re built, configure the plugin to automatically tag posts in WordPress the right way.

Think of this plugin as a related publishing tool , except it’s specifically designed for tags. The TaxoPress plugin is quite simple, despite having lots of configurations that you can configure. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will be able to.

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