How to Backup WordPress for Free with BackWPup

Looking for a way to backup your WordPress site for free? If so, the BackWPup plugin is perfect for the job. It gives you the option to automatically schedule backups for your website or perform them manually.

Backups are an essential part of running your website and should be one of the first things you set up when getting started in WordPress. There are many backup plugins for WordPress, Taiwan WhatsApp Number List but many of them are not free or have limited functionality. That’s not the case here. Today I will show you how to backup WordPress for free with the BackWPup plugin.

Why backups are so important

Many new web developers believe that their security plugins will protect their websites against all threats. Unfortunately, security plugins can make mistakes. The best protection for any website is an up-to-date website backup.

This will ensure that if something goes wrong with your website, you can use the backup to roll back to the version before the problem happened. Now you might be wondering when you should use your backup.

The three most likely reasons why you’ll need to use your backup include common WordPress errors, common web developer errors, like coding, etc., or cyberattacks.

Let’s face it, one of these things will happen and your only options will be to manually fix the problem, which could take days, or use a backup to restore your website in minutes. Backups help prevent extended downtime and can quickly undo mistakes.

How to Backup WordPress for Free with BackWPup

The BackWPup plugin is hugely popular with over 700,000 active installs and for good reason. It offers full backups, automatic backup scheduling, and cloud storage options. The best part is that you can do all of this for free.

You’re probably wondering what’s the catch? There is no problem, but the difference between this plugin and a paid plugin is that you will get full support with a paid service while you are basically alone with a free service.

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Start by going to the WordPress plugins area and clicking the “Add New” button.

One of the biggest problems with backups is finding the time to do them. Chances are you or someone else will forget to do this, which is why automatic backups are the best option.

It won’t take you much time, and you can set up a schedule that best suits your website.

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to decide which schedule works for you.

One thing to consider is when you regularly add new content or features to your website. If you normally download once a week, schedule the backup after your new content is released.

This will ensure that your website backup is always up to date.

You also need to decide what to back up. You may just want to back up everything, which is a great choice and recommended, but maybe you just want to back up your content. Either way, make sure you know what you want. Storing a large backup file may cost you more if you pay for storage.

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