How to Fix WordPress Visual Editor Missing Text and Buttons

Is your WordPress visual editor missing text and buttons? Although WordPress is one of the most stable and versatile content management systems on the internet, Australia B2B Contact List sometimes things happen.

This is especially true for an open platform with thousands and thousands of contributing developers.

Today I’m going to go over a few different methods to fix your WordPress visual editor when it’s missing text and buttons.

Why is WordPress breaking like this?

In most situations I’ve seen, it’s all about compatibility. If a plugin, theme, tool, or snippet is not compatible with WordPress core files, it can cause issues. This is one of the reasons I suggest always keeping your WordPress files up to date.

Using older plugins can cause a myriad of problems on a website. I saw a simple 5 year old word counter tool completely break the admin screen. This happens because the new core files are simply not compatible with the old code, according to the developer.

And I know how heartbreaking it is to rely on a plugin only to become unsupported and then spend time finding a good replacement. But, it is better than the alternative.

Do you use TinyMCE Advanced?

TinyMCE Advanced gives you a tool where you can add and remove buttons at will. You can create the perfect word processor to create content according to your preferences and needs. If some buttons are missing from your layout, you might want to check first.

This plugin is accessible from the WordPress Settings area under “TinyMCE Advanced”.

In the editor settings screen, make sure all your tools are there. TinyMCE Advanced uses a drag and drop feature to add and remove functions in the WordPress visual editor. If something you want isn’t in the toolbar, add it and save the changes.

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If something on your computer or in your web browser is causing problems, it could very well cause the WordPress visual editor to disappear. Although this is a rare event, it is possible that the recorded data may interfere with proper online operation.

This is usually caused by cached images and encoded items not working as they should or are incredibly outdated.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to fix issues like the visual editor issue is to clear your browser’s cache. Each software is different, but there is usually some kind of “clear cache” option in the browser settings.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to dump the money periodically anyway. It frees up disk space and often improves performance when browsing the Internet.

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