How to Block Spam Comments with Antispam Bee in WordPress

Looking for a way to block spam comments in WordPress? The WordPress comments section should be a Turkey WhatsApp Number List place where visitors can leave their opinions and comments on your content. Enter Antispam Bee and what it can do for your website.

Trying to manually maintain a spam-free comments section would require 24/7 staff. The best way to deal with spam in WordPress is to use one of the powerful antispam plugins available.

Of course, another alternative would be to simply disable the comments section, but that may do more harm than good.

Today I will show you how to block spam comments with Bee plugin in WordPress.

The importance of the comments section

The main purpose of the comments section is for visitors to share their opinions and comments on the content. It helps writers improve and lets readers know you’re listening. Unfortunately, the Internet is not the most beautiful place in the world.

Many comments are full of terrible things and offer no criticism or relevance to the content they are written about. Your moderators need to deal with them because they reflect badly on your content and your community.

Comments left by spambots can also greatly disrupt your comments section. These can range from advertisements for products or other websites to political messages. If it’s unchecked, that’s all you’d see in a comments section.

How to Block Spam Comments with Antispam Bee in WordPress

This means that all real comments will be lost under all spams and it is not good for visitors or for you. To avoid this, you are going to need to protect your comments section from spam.

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The Antispam Bee plugin is hugely popular with over 500,000 active installs and for good reason. It comes with lots of customization options to handle spam comments in multiple ways. For example, you can block comments that are in certain languages.

There are many filters like this, so you can really customize your website the way you want.Make sure you only have one anti-spam plugin on your website. The vast majority of these plugins do not work with each other. In most cases, they interfere with each other.

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