How to Bulk Edit Your WordPress Dashboard Posts and Pages

Fortunately, WordPress allows bulk edits to a variety of WordPress content right from the dashboard. In this article, Saint Lucia B2B List we will show you how to bulk edit in WordPress.

You can choose to show different element quantities for different WordPress elements, just check the screen options tab when viewing a list of your elements. Alternatively, you can use a plugin that allows you to select all items regardless of how many items to display at once, see the Bulk Actions Select All plugin below for details.

How to Bulk Edit Items

When viewing a list of items, whether posts, pages, tags, or categories, you’ll see a series of small checkboxes next to each item. These checkboxes let you select multiple items, which you can then apply bulk changes to. At the top of these checkboxes is a global checkbox that allows you to automatically check all other visible checkboxes. For this example, we’ll use the list of items . If you choose to display 100 articles per page, it will automatically check the boxes for all 100.

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You can also bulk delete items from your media library using the built-in bulk select option. Open your media library via the  menu item and click the  button at the top of the page. This lets you select multiple items that you want to remove all at once. Once you are happy with the selection of media library items, click the blue  permanently delete the selected items, they cannot be restored, so use with caution.

WordPress plugins for bulk editing

There are a handful of very useful bulk edit plugins in WordPress that allow you to enhance WordPress bulk edit functionality. All of these plugins are available for free in the WordPress plugin directory. Let’s see how these following WordPress plugins could be useful to you. WordPress’ default bulk editing feature can be very beneficial whenever you need to edit large amounts of content at once. The functionality provided can even be enhanced by using the appropriate WordPress plugins which have been described above. Have you ever had any experience with these bulk edit WordPress plugins? Please let us know in the comments below.

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