How to Change Your WordPress Username

Not happy with your current WordPress username? Unfortunately, many people create less than stellar usernames at first, Estonia WhatsApp Number and changing a username is quite common.

It is important to choose an appropriate username and understand that staff and visitors will see it and that the name they see will be one of the first impressions they get of the website.

It’s no secret that usernames should be an accurate representation of the website’s professionalism. A good way to do this is to use the website name, or an abbreviated version, in the username. Keep in mind that some websites can get away with clumsier names, but this is related to the type of content being produced. Today I’m going to show you how to change your WordPress username.

The Importance of Username

Usernames are quite important, which is why changing usernames in WordPress is so easy. Take a second to think about the last time you chatted with someone about a bigger website. Was their username a nickname or a catchphrase?Chances are no, they weren’t and there’s a good reason for that.

Would you be comfortable discussing business or serious matters with a representative with FunkyMonkey21 as your username? If you were to even stop and think about it, the answer is no.

Most customers only take a split second to decide if they want to do business and you probably just lost a customer in that second.

Estonia WhatsApp Number
Estonia WhatsApp Number

This can be one of the hardest transitions if you’re used to writing in comment sections while using a clunky username, but when you’re representing a business you need to add a little more seriousness. to the message you send and it all starts with the username you choose.

Three Methods to Change Your WordPress Username

I will cover three methods to change your WordPress username. They include creating a new user to transfer all content from your old username to this one, directly changing the username stored in the database, and using a plugin.

I would highly recommend using the first or third option before trying the second, but sometimes there’s no choice. The first method is to create a new user. When you create a new user, you can give them admin privileges and name them whatever you want, but you’ll need a new email account to do this.

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