How to Change Your SALT Keys Automatically in WordPress

Do you want to automatically change your SALT keys in WordPress? Security authentication, or WordPress SALT keys , Vietnam WhatsApp Number List are encrypted codes that WordPress uses to store your website login information. Just as changing your password helps protect your accounts, changing your website SALT keys will help increase the security of your WordPress.

It is important to note that changing these SALT or security keys will not affect your login information. Changing them will only help you improve your website security and you can start improving that security right after installing WordPress. Today I will show you how to change WordPress SALTS automatically using the Salt Shaker plugin.

What is a SALT key?

A SALT key is a cryptographic item that hashes both passwords and cookies to keep them safe in WordPress. In other words, it prevents hackers from seeing your passwords in the clear if they gain access to your database.

As a result, they provide protection that can slow down or prevent hackers from doing more damage or gaining full access to certain information. However, just like your real password, they are susceptible to brute force attacks. Thus, you should update them automatically every few months. The Salt Shaker plugin is the easiest way to automatically change your WordPress SALT keys . Just install it, decide how often they should be updated and save the changes, and it will update your WordPress SALT keys. It really is that easy.

How Changing Your SALT Keys Helps You

Many users underestimate the importance of changing a password. And that’s because one of the most common ways to compromise accounts is through brute force attacks. Although most websites have protections in place that limit the number of attempts these hackers make, it’s not foolproof.

Changing this password regularly helps prevent this from happening.

Just like passwords, SALT keys can be used to compromise all your website login information. SALT keys are extremely important and if compromised could compromise all accounts on your website.

Automatically changing them every 3-6 months will significantly improve your website security.

There is absolutely no reason to share your SALT keys with another person or third-party website. Thus, you should be the only person to see this information.

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