How to Clear Your Opera Browser Cache on Mac

Your Opera browser contains a folder where some downloaded items are stored for future use. Items such as graphic images, photos, Bahrain WhatsApp Number List and entire web pages are examples of items that have been saved or “cached.” Every once in a while you have to erase that and start over. Here is how you can easily clear Opera cache on a Mac.

What is a browser cache?

When you use the Opera browser (or any browser for that matter) to visit a website, it automatically loads the site files that are presented. If it’s a website you visit often, your browser will save some files in the cache. Simply put, it makes it easier and faster for you to load the website on your next visit. This is because the cache saves the files so sites don’t have to reload them from scratch. These cached files are also called “temporary internet files”. 

What you will erase

Often Opera users are confused because they think that “refreshing” a webpage will clear their Opera browser’s cache and cookies. This is actually not the case. When you click the refresh button, all that happens is that you reload the page. This may have results for other aspects, but your browser is still using the same files to load the site that are currently in the cache. In many cases, these files get old, so clearing your browser is ideal. 

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Why You Need to Clear Your Opera Browser Cache on Mac

While there are benefits to storing all of this data, over time privacy issues can arise. This is especially true if you share a computer. You may not want other users to know your search history for one reason or another.

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