How to Combat Comment Spam in WordPress Using CAPTCHA Plugin

CAPTCHA is an extremely popular way to protect your website and I’m sure you’ve seen it on other websites. CAPTCHA will ask you to answer a question in different ways. The most popular ways are to select several images in a group and answer a simple mathematical question. These are things that can stop bots in their tracks, Colombia WhatsApp Number but they are also a hindrance for regular visitors.

Why Captcha Can Help Your Website

Using CAPTCHA will only protect against spambots and manual spammers will have no problem continuing what they are doing. However, there are far more spambots than real spammers. This is why you should always pay attention to your comments section to get rid of manual spammer accounts.

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Spammers can also infiltrate account creation, which can be a very big problem. There are usually many rewards for creating an account, for example, if you were to give a discount code, someone could use a bot to get an infinite amount of it. It also gives you a false idea of ​​the number of accounts being created that will use your website and the services and content you provide.

How to Add CAPTCHA to Your WordPress Website

Today I’m going to show how fighting comment spam in WordPress can be made easier with CAPTCHA. There are many WordPress CAPTCHA plugins available, but we will focus on the Captcha plugin. This plugin will ask visitors to solve very simple math problems like multiplication. It is very popular with more than 300,000 active installations and it is completely free to configure. Keep in mind that if you don’t want math questions or number-based character recognition, there are plenty of other CAPTCHA plugins to choose from.

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