How to Completely Force Logout All Users in WordPress

Do you want to be able to force all your WordPress users to log out? It is common for users to choose not to log out. Some users find the login process annoying and do their best to avoid it.

This can be annoying Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List when you’ve added new features to your website, which may require users to re-login.

Security is a concern for any WordPress developer. Brute force attacks, in particular, make it very easy to gain access to a user account. Attacks can happen at any time and it can be quite difficult to know which accounts have been compromised. But you can force each account to log out for added security.

Today I’m going to show you how to force log out every user in WordPress. First I’ll show you the manual method, then a quick and easy plugin method.

Why Forced Logouts Are a Good Thing

Many websites launch new additions for visitors who have a user account as well as exclusive features for them. Visitors who sign up for accounts will be more likely to come back and see your new content regularly.

For this reason, it is essential to give them additional features to help them enjoy your content. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, users don’t like logging out of their accounts, which makes it increasingly difficult to add features to all of your accounts.

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Keep in mind that user accounts are very different from membership and pay-per-view websites. Membership or pay-per-view websites need a different tutorial to add this functionality to their sites. The plugin you have chosen to use to create your membership or pay-per-view website must have a built-in force logout option.

This feature is necessary because users can share their accounts with friends and family, allowing many people to view your paid content for free.

How to Force Logout All Users in WordPress

Today I’m going to show you how to force log out every user in WordPress. Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have access to your cPanel. Login information is provided to you by your host when you create an account.

This part of the tutorial focuses on editing the wp-config file, which stores all of your website settings. This is an extremely important file, and you should back up your site before you begin.

Let’s start by logging into the cPanel and click on the File Manager option. The file manager will allow you to access all the files related to your website.

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