How to Configure WordPress to Display Content Only for RSS Subscribers

One way to get people to subscribe to an RSS feed is to make certain parts of the content only available to subscribers. In fact, many website developers use similar tactics in the form of a paywall. But can you make WordPress only show content to RSS subscribers?

Absoutely. All it takes is the right plugin and adding a few bits of shortcode to the content.

In this tutorial, Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List I will explain how to configure WordPress to display content only to RSS subscribers on your site. It’s relatively simple and quick.

Using WP Kill in Stream

Today I’m going to show you a bit what WP Kill in Feed can do for you. It has two functions: display content only in the RSS feed and remove content. I will go over each of these functions in a moment. The idea behind using this plugin is to direct WordPress subscribers to the RSS feed. This means you need some sort of call to action to get users to subscribe. Using WP Kill in Feed makes things easier.

The first line of the “killinfeed” shortcode is only visible on the website. Which means that RSS subscribers don’t see that line of text. Obviously, you don’t want them to see this because they’re already subscribed.

The second line inside the “addtofeed” shortcode is where you will display content for RSS subscribers only.

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This type of setup is all about providing something of high quality to those who take the time to subscribe. This makes visitors feel like they are getting inside information.

Using Custom Coding

What if you don’t want to add another WordPress RSS feed plugin? You can create your own shortcode to display only content from RSS feeds.

For this you will need access to FTP programs like FileZilla or the file manager in cPanel.

For this tutorial, I’m just going to use the file manager. However, you have several ways to access a theme’s files. choose the one that suits you best.

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