How to Configure WordPress to Disable Media Attachment Pages

When you upload a file such as an image, WordPress creates a URL for that file. This URL can be accessed via search or direct link. However, Colombia WhatsApp Number List some may want to disable attachment pages for different media types.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get WordPress to disable these media attachment pages. In fact, I’m going to show you three distinct ways to do it.

What are attachment URLs?

Attachment URLs act and appear like any other post or page in WordPress. The biggest difference is that the file is the only thing displayed. They will use a custom permalink in WordPress, much like posts and pages.

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This means that a visitor can click on a link from Google and see a page displaying a single image with no other content.

Well, except for your sidebars and your footer.

For an uninformed user, it may appear that the site is incomplete or does not contain the information he is looking for. In other words, you could lose an opportunity to hire this person. And you might even force the user to subconsciously avoid your website if it happens frequently enough.

How can I check if attachment pages exist?

Although attachment pages act like a post, they don’t actually generate a post that you can view and delete. Thus, it is quite possible that they currently exist on your website without your knowledge.

Instead, the only way to really find them is to do a Google search on your website.

Go to Google and search for “Site name: URL” and you will see a list of results. Simply browse the search results and analyze the URL you see. If you see the word “attachments,” you know the page exists.

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