How to create a Gravatar account? & Why use Gravatar in WordPress?

If you already have a account, you do not need to register separately for a Gravatar account. You can Trinidad and Tobago B2B List activate your Gravatar account using the same account. Simply go to the Gravatar registration page and log in with your account.  Do you have a Gravatar account? In this article, we will discuss how you can create a Gravatar account with the detailed Gravatar account registration process. Why use Gravatar in WordPress? How to set up a Gravatar account in WordPress? and how to delete Gravatar account from WordPress?

What is a Gravatar and how does Gravatar work?

The Gravatar service is available free of charge to businesses, individual users, web developers, blog or website owners, and anyone who wants to use it.

Have you ever noticed an image that appears with the author name or the commentator name on any website or on any article? And his similar images appear on various blogs or websites? As my photo appears in the author box at the end of this article (scroll down to see).

Avatar image is an online identity for individuals or businesses. You can simply visit the Gravatar account registration page to create a Gravatar account.

How to Delete a Gravatar Account from WordPress

Delete the Gravatar account from WordPress and upload and use your own images through your WordPress site’s media library. You need to install and activate the WordPress plugin called WP User Avatar and follow the instructions shown in the image below. I always recommend people to use Gravatar in WordPress. But, due to its limitation, I suggest to use it wisely. You need to cache Gravatar images and lazy load Gravatar images to your page. This solution is especially relevant for beginners, whose websites are hosted on shared hosting plans.

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Here is a complete guide to lazy loading images in WordPress.  There is another method, usually I don’t recommend this method, and however, you can explore the same if you want. You can use the default images available in WordPress, instead of using a Gravatar image to reduce the number. connection. As a result, you will notice an increase in page loading speed. But then there will be no sense in using the Gravatar account in WordPress. Law!

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