How to Create a Popup for Incomplete Form Confirmation in WordPress

Are people leaving your site without filling out forms? Sometimes this happens because a visitor accidentally leaves a page or inadvertently closes the browser window. Either way, it helps to create a popup for incomplete form confirmation in WordPress.

This gives the visitor a chance to stay on the page and complete without losing their information.

Think about it, Venezuela WhatsApp Number List how often does confirming to “stay” or “leave” save you from accidentally leaving an article you’ve spent hours creating? I know I can’t count the number of times WordPress has saved me time and effort because I accidentally clicked on something.

Find the form ID in the code. It will start with “<form”. Unfortunately, every form builder plugin is different. This means you’ll have to dig a bit to find the correct ID of the form you want to include.

Creating your popup for the navigation confirmation plugin

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a navigation confirmation popup plugin in WordPress. Don’t worry, it’s relatively simple and straightforward. In fact, you don’t need to know much about coding to make this work.

Plugins are arguably the bread and butter of WordPress. They expand what you can do on the site and often boost engagement with your visitors. 

Adding other form ids to JavaScript

The comments section is probably not the only form you will use on your website. What if we add more? What if you have contact forms that you want people to submit before they leave?

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For this you will need the Form ID of each one you want to add. For this tutorial, I’m just using a very basic page using the WPForms contact form. Incomplete form confirmations in WordPress help people remember to submit data or avoid losing it by accidentally clicking on something wrong. It’s just one of those minor improvements that visitors appreciate and often take for granted. Give your guests the best possible experience and help keep their attention on the forms they start filling out.

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