How to Create a Successful WordPress Pay-Per-View Website

Want to turn your WordPress site into a custom website? Much like pay-per-view, customers pay to access content that will not be interrupted by any form of advertising. This is a big selling point for some visitors who use Adblocker to avoid ads, Haiti B2B List which in turn harms the content creator instead of advertising the business. 

Crowdfunding sites like Patreon have proven that people are willing to support content creators. There are many WordPress membership websites that work successfully, but they require a higher level of content and consistency. If someone is paying directly for content, quality standards and when it is published are more important than ever. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a custom WordPress website using the s2Member plugin.

Why Create a Pay-As-You-Go Website in the First Place

The pay-per-view model is not very popular because there are many alternatives, but that does not mean that it is not profitable and has certain advantages. For starters, there should be no ads on a pay-per-view website. It’s a pretty big selling point and you can actually just offer an ad-free version of your website as a membership on its own. Just make sure the price is realistic and that you yourself think it would be a good buy.

Many people are willing to pay a few dollars to avoid seeing advertising on the pages, but that’s only if they like the content in the first place. Creating a pay-per-view website will allow you to create content passes for your customers. For example, a monthly pass will allow visitors unlimited access to content for a week, while a $1 daily pass may be preferred by some customers. Creating different packages is the key to success at low cost.

Don’t change without research

The biggest mistake you can make if you’re not currently a pay-per-view website is switching to a website. Think about it from the visitor’s point of view. Last week they could see everything for free, but this week they have to pay for a pass. Many visitors will feel like you’re just trying to squeeze money out of them. You have to start small if you’re making the transition. Use your registered users as a test and find out what they would pay without actually charging a fee. The most important thing is to make sure that there is a real reason to move your website from free to paid use and this can easily destroy the community you have created.

Haiti B2B Contact List

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a custom WordPress website using the s2Member plugin. The s2Member plugin is a very popular plugin with over a million downloads. This plugin has a free version which can be used to run your website, but offers limited payment options. There is a pro version available which adds many payment options for customers. The free version is quite impressive since most other WordPress pay-per-view plugins do not offer a free version.

To get started, visit the s2Member website and select the best plan for you. This tutorial will use the free version, but if you choose a pro package, you’ll have a few more options to choose from. Scroll down the page and select the package that suits your needs.

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