How to Create a Ticker in WordPress

Want to create a news ticker for your WordPress site? A ticker refers to a bar at the bottom of the screen that displays information. They are usually seen on news, sports or television channels, but can also be used on websites. The main advantage is being able to display different titles on the same page.

This means that whatever page a Qatar B2B List visitor clicks on, they will be able to see the ticker at the bottom. A ticker is a great addition to the footer widget area or a floating footer bar in WordPress. Today I am going to show you how to create a ticker in WordPress using the Ditty News Ticker plugin.

Why Create a Ticker in WordPress

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a ticker is only useful for a news channel. A ticker or news feed is ideal for constantly changing topics like news, sports, stocks, cryptocurrency, daily deals, and any other fast-paced topic. The advantage is that all visitors who visit your website will be able to see your newsfeed. This can encourage visitors to view your content more.

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The longer visitors stay on your website, the more ad revenue they can earn you. Sure, they can use ad-block, but that’s still an advantage. Why you may ask. Well, websites will usually be shared on social media platforms if they have quality content. One person using adblocker could potentially share it with hundreds of friends, which is worth more than any ad, especially when you’re new.

Let’s take a look at the plugin we’ll be using today and see all it has to offer.

Ditty News Ticker

Today I am going to show you how to create a ticker in WordPress using the Ditty News Ticker plugin. The plugin is extremely easy to configure in WordPress.

It lets you control the distance between each element, the height and width, and how fast the ticks are. All items are added to the ticker by pasting shortcodes to place an item. The shortcode is generated by the plugin itself.

Let’s put it all together, and before you know it, you’ll have a ticker on your WordPress site.

Here you can name your Ticker at the top. Name it appropriately. For example, if you use it to showcase deals and specials, name it Offer Feed or something similar.

The plugin allows you to add as many ticks as you want. Each tick is an item. For example, if we were talking about the stock market, each tick would be a stock price. You can create text for the check mark and then add a URL that visitors can click.

Click the “+” button to add new checkmarks. Add as many as needed. If you add too many checkmarks, click the “x” to remove a checkmark.

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