How to Create a Customer Dashboard in WordPress and Why

If your business is focused on using WordPress, it makes sense to offer customers access to the admin dashboard. However, you don’t want them to mistakenly change settings or otherwise interfere with certain tools. In this case, Ecuador WhatsApp Number you would offer them a WordPress customer dashboard.

This dashboard can be as detailed or uncluttered as you want. It gives you a chance to help customers learn their tools and provides a safe method of website maintenance for those new to WordPress design. Today I’m going to show you how to customize a WordPress dashboard for a client and how you can modify it to suit all your needs.

Why Create a Custom WordPress Customer Dashboard?

Creating a custom WordPress customer dashboard has benefits for both the customer and the website developer. When you customize a WordPress dashboard for a client, it gives them both a more personal feel within their website. And it also allows you to give them access to only the tools they need. This makes it less confusing for customers.

So you give the client full access to anything and everything they want, while being able to block them from things they don’t need or won’t understand.

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A good example of this is preventing them from accessing theme files, where they can make a mistake and mess up some code. And when you customize the WordPress dashboard for a client, the risks are greatly reduced.

Use Adminimize to Hide Menu Items

Some WordPress deployments can easily feel overwhelming to customers. The left panel of the admin screen can get quite long as you add more tools and features. The first step is to hide the functions that the customer does not necessarily need to access right away. For example, you don’t want a customer to accidentally change settings in W3 Cache or delete Google Analytics code.

To remove these items, I’m going to do the “Administer” demo. It is a semi-popular and well-rated plugin to help remove unnecessary components from display in the WordPress dashboard. In my opinion, Adminimize is one of the best WordPress customer dashboard plugins available today. It lets you customize the dashboard pretty much however you want.

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