How to Create Post Thumbnails for WordPress

Want to create post thumbnails on your WordPress site? Post thumbnails are a great way to make your posts more visible Buy Email Database & Build Email List Quickly when sharing them on social media platforms. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to create unique thumbnails for each post. That’s why it’s important to add default fallback images to your website.

The default fallback images will become the thumbnail of any post that doesn’t have a custom thumbnail. Typically, you’ll want to make sure the default thumbnail contains your website logo. It should also be able to grab the attention of everyone who sees it, which is why it is important for social media websites. Today I will show you how to create post thumbnails for WordPress using two methods.

Why Create Post Thumbnails in WordPress

Thumbnails grab the attention that every piece of content craves. This is especially important when sharing your posts on social media platforms. Think about it, would you click on a link that only contains the title of the article? Probably not, unless it’s a really interesting title. However, if there was a very attractive thumbnail image, you would be more likely to click on it. Images are powerful tools and help websites on a daily basis.

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Social media requires its own set of skills and it is important to realize that well thought out images will increase clicks. Don’t confuse good thumbnails with clickbait thumbnails. Clickbait is frowned upon by almost everyone, but they work, which is the problem. No one likes being lied to especially when there’s a picture to prove it.

How to Create Post Thumbnails for WordPress

Today I will show you how to create post thumbnails for WordPress using two methods. The first method will use the default featured image plugin. It’s a plugin that makes adding a default featured image extremely easy. This is the easiest method, but if you’re not a fan of adding plugins, the next method is for you. The second method will require you to edit some of the core files. It’s very easy even if you don’t have any coding experience, but it differs depending on the theme you have. Keep in mind that you will need access to your website’s cPanel, which is provided to you by your web host.

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