How to Create Audio Playlists in WordPress

Do you want to create an audio playlist for your audio content? This playlist can include content like music and podcasts. Podcasts have become very popular among bloggers and deserve their own place on your website. One of the most important Taiwan B2B List development considerations is making sure your content is easily accessible. You can do this by adding audio playlists in WordPress

Keep in mind that the only audio content you need to provide should be your own content. Copyright infringement is a very serious crime and is taken very seriously by most artists. Make sure you created the content or have the appropriate permissions to use it on your website.

WordPress is fully equipped with audio capabilities and you can create a playlist without adding any plugins. Today I will show you how to create an audio playlist in WordPress.

Why Create an Audio Playlist in WordPress

Playlists are a great way to organize your content in one place. Many audio files such as podcasts can be located on your website. This makes it increasingly difficult to locate a specific podcast or audio track.

This can be extremely annoying for your visitors who search for one piece of content but end up having to check multiple items instead. Your goal as a web developer should be to create a website that is organized, easy to use, stylish, and has great content.

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It’s not easy to achieve all of this, but it’s what makes a great website. An audio playlist is very similar to creating a video playlist and has the same benefits. For example, imagine you’re looking for an older podcast, but you can’t remember when it was released.

How to Create Audio Playlists in WordPress

You start checking every podcast location, but you’re out of luck. If you had a podcast playlist in one place, the visitor could find what they are looking for with just a few clicks.

Today I will show you how to create an audio playlist in WordPress. You won’t need any additional plugins to accomplish this task. Adding an audio track is very similar to adding images, videos, GIFs, and anything else from the media library.

I’ll go over two ways to add audio files in case you don’t know how. Before you start, make sure that any audio track you want to add to the playlist is in MP3, OGG or WAV3 file format. Any other file format will not work on the WordPress platform.

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