How to Create a Trial Website for Free with WordPress

Reviews are among the most effective types of content for driving traffic. In fact, around 85% of users trust online reviews as much as advice from a friend or family member. What does it take to create a WordPress review website?

In fact, the process is quite simple. In fact, Costa Rica B2B List the hardest part is writing your own content for the review itself. You must impress the reader.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a product review blog with WordPress for free. In less than an hour, you can have your own website driving traffic.

Always Have a Backup Plan

First, always have a backup system in place. Whether you’re blogging or e-commerce, it’s a good idea to have up-to-date copies of your data. This makes recovery much easier if something goes wrong.

I suggest considering the WordPress UpdraftPlus backup plugin. It is a very feature-rich versatile tool with the ability to save directly to the cloud. For example, you can easily log in and save to your Dropbox account, if you have one.

Install and activate the review website template you like the most.

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Some will have sidebars that you can use to accentuate your site, and some will also come with social account buttons. Everyone is different and it may take a little time to find the one that best suits your ideas.

Installer WP Product Review Lite

To drive the review site, we are going to use the WP Product Review Lite plugin. It’s a free tool that includes everything you need to promote a star rating system, including schema markup to display stars on Google.

Connecting all those social accounts means you need to keep them updated regularly. This often takes a long time. However, there are plenty of ways to promote your site for free and reduce posting time.

Here are some social sharing apps you might be interested in:

  • Hootsuite: offers a free upgrade platform that allows you to share your posts on multiple social sites simultaneously. While the paid version has more features, the free version is still good enough to get you started.
  • Buffer: Buffer also offers a great platform for updating social accounts. It’s a bit limited compared to Hootsuite, but it works great for updating and scheduling posts.
  • Stacker: Stacker lets you connect up to four social accounts for free, which is pretty much standard for free services. It only allows up to six scheduled posts for future posts, which is less than the other two above. Still, it’s a good system to try.

Never underestimate how the best social media tools can help you drive traffic and engage the target audience.

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