How to Create a Call Now Button in WordPress

Given that mobile devices account for around 48% of internet access, it makes sense to make things easier for those who use smartphones. This means adding a Call Now button to WordPress.With the touch of a finger, Austria WhatsApp Number List potential customers have immediate access to your business. In fact, the simple act of adding a phone number to your menu on the website can directly affect your monthly net income.From using live chat to contact forms, adding each form of communication improves interaction with various customers. This is because not everyone prefers a specific method of contact. In this tutorial, I’ll show you five ways to add a Call Now button to WordPress. You can do this either with a plugin or by adding HTML coding to your site.

How to Add a Call Now Button to WordPress

You can change your call button text to whatever you want. Just make sure the text will fit on the button. Something simple like “Call now” or “Call today!” is effective.

If you want even more from the plugin, you can expand the “Advanced” settings. This is where you can customize the color, position, click tracking, size, and other parts of the button itself.

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I suggest taking a moment to familiarize yourself with this screen and create a custom look for the site.

Although the plugin says it supports desktop and laptop visibility, I can’t seem to get it to work properly. In fact, the button does not appear on the developer’s demo site either. This might be something they fix in a future release.

However, the quick call button works perfectly on mobile devices.

Install and activate “Quick call button”.

Adding WhatsApp Me

WhatsApp is a very popular format for texting and calling over the Internet. As it is used worldwide, it is a great solution if your business reaches more than your local consumers.

And it’s easy to add to your website as a form of communication.

WhatsApp gives your visitors a way to message or call you from the WordPress website.

Install and activate “WhatsApp me”. In the “General” tab, enter your WhatsApp information and site settings. This includes your WhatsApp account phone number, your call to action, and the position where the call button will display on the site.



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