How to Customize Contact Form 7 Forms in WordPress

Do you want to customize your Contact Form 7 forms on your WordPress site? Contact Form 7 is a form builder plugin that can create forms for use on your website. It is free and is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Forms can be used across your entire website and can even be presented in a pop-up window.

To get the most out of this plugin, it’s best to learn how to customize your forms. Forms can be modified in a number of ways, Armenia B2B List the easiest of which is using custom CSS code. Therefore, editing the CSS makes the customization possibilities nearly endless. Today I’m going to show you how to customize your forms in WordPress using the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Why Customize Your Website Forms

Design choices are one of the most important decisions a web developer can make. Many visitors will judge a website by its appearance, which can be bad for websites that don’t take design seriously.

Design choices range from the theme you install to the font you use. Forms are equally important to customize because visitors interact directly with them.

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Forms are used to collect information from your visitors. And these can include things like account creation, email subscriptions, job applications, services, opinion polls and more. To clarify, they are essential to help you learn more about your community and connect your visitors to your website.

How to Customize Contact Form 7 in WordPress

There are many design choices available for Contact Form 7 forms. Changes can be made using custom CSS in WordPress, but that’s not the only way. Before you can use custom CSS to customize your form, you obviously need to create a form. The plugin lets you create a form and then use a shortcode to display the form on your website pages and posts.

You can also use a second plugin called Contact Form 7 Style, an add-on plugin for Contact Form 7. It contains form templates that make it easy to customize a form without writing any code.

If you are not interested in the CSS method, you should also take the time to download the Contact Form 7 Style plugin. Since this is an add-on, you will need to download both.

Let’s start by clicking on Plugins and selecting the Add New option from the left admin panel.

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