How to Disable RSS Feed in WordPress

Looking for a way to disable the RSS feed on your website? The RSS feed is used to share content between readers and entice visitors to subscribe. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and has lost popularity over the years. This is largely due to social media platforms essentially doing a better job overall.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have a simple built-in method to disable the RSS feed. Luckily, like most things in WordPress, Burma B2B List there are plugins you can use to fix the problem. Alternatively, you can also use code to achieve similar results. Today I will show you how to disable RSS feed in WordPress using two methods.

One will be a more manageable plugin method, the other is more code based. You can choose the one you prefer after reading the article. They will both work well.

Why Disable the RSS feed?

Although the RSS feed does not harm your website in any way, it can potentially help your website. That said, the primary way content is shared between visitors now is through social media platforms like Facebook.

Almost every website has a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that tells all of their visitors that they’ve posted new content. This completely eliminates the usefulness of the RSS feed and if there is no benefit or use for the feature, why keep it?

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Keep in mind that if for some reason you don’t use social media platforms, the RSS feed can still be very useful for your website. This is also true if your social media accounts don’t have a lot of followers. Simply having a Facebook page won’t do anything if it doesn’t get any views. The usefulness of the RSS feed highly depends on the situation of the website.

How to Disable RSS Feed in WordPress

Today I will show you how to disable RSS feed in WordPress using two methods. The first and easiest method is to use the Disable Feeds plugin. This plugin works immediately after activation.

The second method is to add code to disable the RSS feed by returning an error to visitors. Keep in mind that both of these methods just disable the RSS feed, but don’t remove it from the website.

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