How to Display Before and After Photo Results in WordPress

Using a before and after photo comparison can be extremely handy in a variety of situations. However, it can be difficult to view them side by side with the default tools. Luckily, with the Twenty20 Image Before-After plugin, it’s easy to do.

It adds a single block that allows users to add two images. The images will be split into a slider that visitors can interact with to see more or less of one of the images. Due to its low difficulty, Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List it is perfect for beginners.

Today I am going to show you how to display a before and after photo with the Twenty20 plugin.

Why use a before and after photo?

The before and after effect is a powerful comparison tool that allows you to highlight the differences between the two images. And there are almost an endless number of reasons why a website would want to use this tool.

For entertainment-focused websites like movies, TV shows, or video games, before and after images are extremely useful. You can compare areas before a major event takes place, characters from the start to end of a series, use them to highlight Easter eggs, and more.

Some fitness gurus may want to show before and after photos of their fitness successes for themselves or for people they have helped.

Websites that can focus on news coverage can use before and after images to great effect. For example, it’s common to see what a city looked like before and after a major storm or to highlight the effects of climate change over a period of time.

It’s also great for showing off what a product is capable of. For example, if you are selling a cleaning product, it can be very effective in showing an area before and after cleaning. In fact, this is extremely common in cleaning ads.

As you can see, and probably imagine, a before and after photo has great versatility for any website.

You don’t really need a plugin

It is important to realize that a plugin is actually useless. In fact, you can create your own before and after image using photo editing software like Photoshop.

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It’s actually quite easy to do and just requires resizing or cropping the images and placing them next to each other. and if you are already familiar with the software, it would only take a few minutes to set up.

However, I would say the Twenty20 plugin is the superior option.

Not only does it add the images, but it also allows visitors to interact with them. The cursor can be controlled by the visitor and this adds a lot of value to any page. This gives the visitor the impression that he controls the content.

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