How to Display Round Gravatar Images in WordPress

Want to display round gravatar images on your WordPress site? Gravtars are globally recognized avatars used in the WordPress comments section. By default, Gravatars are square in shape but can be changed to a round shape. The round shape is made by controlling the border radius of all Gravatars.

The border change will round the square corners by filling them. In theory, you can create any shape you want if you get creative enough with WordPress CSS styling. Gravatars are very easy to install and should be one of the first things to install on a new website. Today I will show how to display round gravatar images in WordPress by styling CSS.

Why Should You Round Gravatar Images?

There is no right answer or particular reason for rounding Gravatars images in WordPress. And that’s because it’s simply a design choice.

It will not impact any other aspect of your website other than aesthetics.

It depends on the preference of the web developer and can also be based on community feedback. Like many design choices, Oman B2B List this is simply a choice that is made and can be changed at any time.

Gravatars have plenty of customization options as long as you get creative. The problem is that they are not very simple or intuitive for beginners. In fact, there’s no indication that they can be customized at all.

You would think that a popular feature like Gravatars would have an easy to use settings page, but you would be wrong in that case. Most aspects of Gravatars need to be changed through styling and code editing.

Of course, their popularity was never diminished because of this.

How to Display Round Gravatar Images in WordPress

By styling CSS, you can customize just about every aspect of your website. Adding CSS code to WordPress is simple and one of the most important skills a web developer can have on the platform.

While WordPress allows you to create a functional website without writing a single line of code, creating an elegant one is another story. The visual presentation of a theme can only go so far and for many websites, not far enough. Instead, you need to customize the theme.

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Otherwise, every website using the same theme would be the same.

CSS is used to modify the design of objects that appear on your website. What you can do with CSS is limited to how your theme is coded. Some themes may have better styling options than others.

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