How to Download Bootstrap?

There are different ways to download this framework. One of them is by downloading. The compiled version of the css and javascript codes on the bootstrap page .

There is also an option to download the source. Code of the framework, since it is an open source tool.

Those who do not want to download the files can access the structure without. Installing them on the server. In practice, the installation files are in another domain , that is, in another dns.

For that, we just have to use the links to access or bootstrap cdn and. In this way, add the references to the necessary files for its use.

Another way to download the framework is through the package managers. It is important to say that bootstrap can be used with different programming languages.

What are the reasons to use Bootstrap?

According to website statistics from w3techs , bootstrap ranks second as. The most used javascript library, with 20.6% of websites using the technology.

There are several reasons why bootstrap is worth using and learning. Continue reading that we will tell you the main ones!

Bootstrap follows the Accounting Directors Email Lists concept of mobile first. This means that the concern of the framework is, first, to develop a page. That works perfectly on mobile devices and then on the desktop.

The advantage of this strategy is the guarantee of having a website. That can be accessed from any device, which is essential due to the number of people using smartphones.

visual standard

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The features available in bootstrap offer a very rich user experience. This is because the visual styling standard follows the design trends. Used at the moment. Also, there are numerous free or paid bootstrap themes that can be downloaded from the internet.

Code reuse
To develop many of the existing features in bootstrap, it would be. Necessary to write a large number of lines of code. Which causes an increase in the size of. The files and the amount of data transferred on page load.

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