How to Enable Menu Descriptions for Any WordPress Theme

Want to add descriptions to your WordPress menus? This seems like a basic feature that WordPress would support and it does, but it’s quite tricky to enable. To begin with, you will see this feature available on the menu page, but enabling it does not work.

This is because the feature is disabled by default, which doesn’t make much sense.

But don’t worry, Vietnam B2B List you can turn it on. However, this can be difficult depending on the method you choose. You can either use a plugin or write code to achieve the same results. The coding method requires a bit more work than the plugin, but it saves you installing another plugin. Today I’m going to show you how to add menu descriptions for any theme using two methods.

What Are Menu Descriptions and Why Should I Use One

Menu descriptions are descriptions of your menu, as the name suggests, but you can always scratch your head. After all, few websites use them.

The menu is in place to help your visitors navigate your website. As a result, visitors can more easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for. However, sometimes the menu items are not very clear.

In these cases, these can confuse the visitor, undermining the interest of a menu. Fortunately, this can be avoided by adding menu descriptions.

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However, some websites intentionally use confusing names in their menus to make them more unique.

People are full of curiosity and if they see a catchy name or something they know nothing about, they’ll probably click on it. Of course, the reverse is also true, and if someone doesn’t know something, they tend to avoid it.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Understanding your audience is very important, and menu descriptions aren’t necessary for every item. For example, many commercial websites will have a menu item called Services, but this may not be clear to everyone. Adding a short description will probably make it very clear.

Menus are in place to help visitors navigate your website. A few extra words as a description will help make all of your menu items easier to understand. This is important for visitors who might not know what your website is about or if your website is different from others. Let people know what’s different and how it affects them.

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