How to Filter Unanswered Comments in WordPress

Many forms of social media have become integrated into our daily lives. If you’re like most of us, you stay in touch with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social apps. Many of our online conversations certainly take place on these social media sites.

But don’t ignore comments left by visitors to your blog or website. These comments remain one of the richest and most powerful forms of user engagement available anywhere. The more Switzerland WhatsApp Number List you fully engage your audience, the more they will respond and stay interested.

But first, this caveat

Unfortunately, the more they respond, the more likely a few comments will slip through the cracks. Maybe you read a comment and wanted to respond to it later. Or maybe you’ve decided to start responding to comments when you haven’t in the past.

Whatever your motivation, responding to comments is a good practice. When someone takes the time to comment on something you’ve written, responding shows you respect their efforts. When other readers see that you are responding to comments, they will be more likely to leave comments themselves.

If you want to promote dialogue on your website, do not leave your comments unanswered! Let’s look at how we can filter out unanswered comments in WordPress, so we don’t miss any replies.

There is no built-in feature in WordPress, so we will be using the DX Unanswered Comments plugin.

Installing the DX Unanswered Comments Plugin

Before saying, “Hey, this plugin only has three stars, and hardly anyone has installed it!” I know I know. But I guinea pig it for you, and it works. In any event, it’s the only WordPress plugin that does what we want it to do. There have been two or three others, but they seem abandoned.

Switzerland WhatsApp Number List

Replacing the default WordPress commenting system is a viable option for sites with active commenters. You can get many features and user incentives with a comment plugin. But one thing you can’t get? An unanswered comment system like we discussed here.

Most decent commenting plugins also come with a financial cost. Although the cost may be minimal. For a thriving comment ecosystem, however, it’s probably a good investment. By the way, if you know of a comment plugin that has an unanswered comment system, let me know. I will mention it here.

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