How to Find Out Which WordPress Theme a Site Is Using

Are you still trying to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your website? If so, one of the best ways to make that choice is to visit other websites built on WordPress and see what themes they use. Thousands of themes are available. Some of them are free and some are paid.

Of course, Egypt WhatsApp Number most web developers will make changes to themes, like changing colors or adding widgets, which can make it very difficult to identify the theme when you look at it.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to make it easier to identify a theme.

Is It Wrong to Use the Same Theme?

There are already millions of websites created with WordPress and there are only thousands of themes. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that there will be more than a few websites that have the same theme.

What’s more important is what you do with the theme, because the same theme can look very different in the hands of a different web developer. It is also very likely that a similar website has a perfect theme for your website.

Of course, you can also use some online tools and services to create your own custom theme. A very popular WordPress page builder is Beaver Builder. And if your goal is to be as unique as possible, then this is definitely the way to go.

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Keep in mind that this is not a free product and there are many free themes you can choose from and modify, but the choice is yours. Another element you can look into is Elementor. This is another solid page builder that allows drag-and-drop form creation.

Today I am going to show you how you can find out which theme a website is using on the WordPress platform.

How to Find Out Which WordPress Theme a Site Is Using

When you want to know which WordPress theme a site is using, the best tool you can find is is a WordPress theme finder that tells you what theme a domain is using. This makes it a very trivial task to discover the theme on a certain website. Sometimes the tool just isn’t enough and you’ll have to do some manual detective work to figure it out.

Let’s start with the easiest way. First, you will need a target website to experience the theme. Search the internet until you find a website with a theme you’d like to use.

Go to Once you are on the website, just enter the domain name in the text box and click on the “Analyze Website” button.

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