How to Fix Common SSL Issues on Your WordPress Website

Since the end of 2017, Google has been reporting websites that do not have SSL installed. This naturally forced many websites to add an SSL certificate to their website. However, this has led many websites to discover that there are many common SSL errors they can encounter. Thus, Slovenia WhatsApp Number List I put this guide on how to fix SSL issues in WordPress together.

Here you will find the most common errors when installing an SSL certificate on your WordPress site. Luckily, none of these issues are particularly difficult to troubleshoot, so there’s no need to panic if you run into one.

Today I will show you how to easily fix SSL issues on WordPress website when you install an SSL certificate.

Why should you start using SSL?

Simply put, SSL is an encryption method that secures the connections between your browser and your WordPress hosting server. If it is not installed correctly or if it does not match, most modern browsers will display a warning to the user that they should not connect to the website.

If visitors get this message, they probably won’t continue. Thus, it is imperative to learn how to fix this privacy error. And that’s where an SSL certificate comes in, it tells the browser that your website is safe and secure.

There are also other reasons why you want to install a WordPress SSL certificate on your website. Of course, Google marks the site as “secure”, but SSL certificates also allow you to accept payments and personal information on your website. This is ideal for someone who has an online store or someone who accepts payments through their website for a service.

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Google also said that websites with SSL/HTTPS will also have more weight in listings and overall searches. Considering all this, it is definitely ideal for you to install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site.

Solutions to the most common SSL errors

Once installed, you may experience WordPress SSL issues. Don’t worry, most of these issues are very common. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ways to fix an SSL error. The first way to do this, and perhaps the easiest way for most, is to install a WordPress plugin to help you get the job done. The Really Simple SSL plugin is great to install and configure so that all mixed content warnings are removed from your website. Manually fixing WordPress mixed content errors requires real manual troubleshooting. Although it may take a little longer to fix SSL issues in WordPress, it is better for overall website performance.

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