How to Fix Error 413 Message in WordPress

Have you encountered the 413 error message on your WordPress site? The 413 error message is one of the many common WordPress errors you will encounter on the platform. The error message usually occurs when you upload a file larger than your WordPress upload limit. Most web hosts have a high enough upload limit to accommodate large media files such as images.

However, Iran B2B List it’s quite common to directly upload custom theme or plugin files, and the file size can far exceed the largest of the images. This is the most common cause of the 413 error message in WordPress, but it’s very easy to fix. Today I will show you how to fix 413 error message in WordPress.

What Causes the 413 Error Message in WordPress

The “entity too large” error or 413 error message in WordPress is caused by exceeding the maximum file upload limit. The limit is usually set by web hosts, but should be high enough for most media files. The problem occurs when you try to upload a plugin or a theme file directly to your website. These files are much larger than image files, but it’s still possible for an extra-large image or video to cause the error.

The best defense against error is to understand your maximum file upload limit. If you are fully aware that you are going to exceed it, increase your maximum upload limit in WordPress, which is one of the methods I will demonstrate. You may even consider increasing the download limit just to make sure you never encounter the error.

When increasing your website’s resource limits, always increase them by necessary or reasonable increments. For example, you don’t want to set an artificially high download limit just to potentially avoid an error. Increase the limits to suit your needs if you encounter an error.

If you set the limit too high and a user decides to upload a multi-gigabyte file, it can have a negative effect on your site’s performance. Keep in mind that limits are usually in place to keep your site and other sites that share the server running smoothly.

How to Fix Error 413 Message in WordPress

Today I will show you how to fix 413 error message in WordPress. The cause of the error is simple to understand, and it is also very easy to prevent and correct the error.

You will need to access your website’s cPanel before you begin. Login information is provided to you by your host when you create an account with them. You should also create a backup of your website. This will ensure that you can revert to a version that worked before modifying files in the event of an error.

While this method is effective, it requires you to make changes to WordPress theme files. Whenever you do this, we recommend using a child theme. This ensures that upgrades to your theme won’t overwrite your changes.

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If you are unable to create or use a child theme, you may consider moving to the next method and editing the .htaccess file to increase the upload limit.

We will start this method by logging into the cPanel and clicking on the File Manager option. The file manager will allow you to access all the files related to your website.

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