How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

Are you getting an “Error establishing a database connection” when accessing your website? This is actually one of many common WordPress errors that occur when running a website. Like all errors, this one can be very frustrating if you don’t know why it’s happening and how to fix the error to get your website working again.

This error message can mean one of two things. The database may be corrupted and needs to be repaired or your WordPress credentials such as username and password were entered incorrectly. Keep in mind that if you have a recent backup of your website, Costa Rica WhatsApp Number you can restore your website to that earlier version. Today I will show you how to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress.

Why Does “Error Establishing Database Connection” Occur in WordPress?

The first two reasons are very easy to understand. You may have entered your login credentials incorrectly. It happens to everyone and it’s a pretty simple fix. Of course, if all your login information is remembered in your web browser, this is unlikely. You may have changed your login credentials. It is recommended that you change your password regularly. You may have forgotten to update your web browser with the new credentials, which may be causing the problem. If none of these cases are likely and you are absolutely sure that it is not related to an incorrect connection, then the process becomes a little more complicated.

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The other reason why this error can occur is that there is a problem with the database. The most common problem is if your database is corrupted. It’s pretty easy to tell by checking if the messages on the front and back are the same. If they are not the same, chances are your database is corrupted. If so, repairing it or using an old save will fix it. The other problem that can occur is that the database server is not responding. Fortunately, fixing the error establishing a database connection problem in WordPress is not very difficult.

How to resolve an error establishing a database connection in WordPress

Today I will show you how to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress. Keep in mind that since there are many different causes, there are also multiple solutions and it’s possible that none of them will work, but it’s highly unlikely. Remember that the easiest way to fix these errors is to revert to an old save and this will most likely fix the error without any issues.

You will need to access your website’s cPanel. Login information is provided to you by your host when you create an account with them. Now, the first solution we are going to look at is when you get different error messages on the front and back of your website. This means database corruption and you will need to repair the database, which is quite easy. Login to cPanel and click on the File Manager option. If you get the same error messages, feel free to skip the next steps.


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